A spot to meditate in, a nook that makes you smile after a long day, or a room your family enjoys - those are good for the soul! We are in our homes more than ever and our spaces should serve us by feeling peaceful and productive. They become even more of a sanctuary when we are going through something difficult.

So often we feel irritated and overwhelmed in our homes, and stuck on what to do about it. We hope these products get you UNSTUCK, help jump-start a project, remind you of how beyond capable you are and add a little humor to the journey!


I have repainted, redecorated, and remodeled...in the GOOD TIMES and honey, in the BAD! Our homes need to be our sanctuaries regardless of what life is throwing at us and improving the space around us is often such a boost for our mental state!

It shouldn't take a all of your precious time and dollars. Small changes can make a big impact. And even the planning can be fun (especially with a fresh new journal and juicy black pen!) The more peaceful and productive you are in your surrounding, the more you'll enjoy returning to your partner, your pets, the kiddos and YOURSELF!
Here's to tiny changes with a big impact. I'm rooting for you!

♡ Kerry

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